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Silverstring Media is an indie game studio and story design company in Vancouver, BC. We've created the stories and narrative content for award-winning games like Extrasolar and Crypt of the NecroDancer, as well as creating our own story-based games. We are dedicated to innovative storytelling, inclusive games, and experimentation.

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Interactive Fiction by Silverstring Media

Before the End of the World, by Silverstring Media (2013)
(13 ratings)
The sky is tearing itself open. Fire rains from the heavens. And you've returned home to reflect on the person you fell in love with in your dreams. Before the End of the World is a Twine game...

Label Maker, by Silverstring Media (2014)
(2 ratings)
Label Maker is a short Twine game about the labels we put on people and how they affect our perceptions, and the people around us. It was made for the 2014 MIT Game Lab QUILTBAG game jam in 12...

Morning Rituals, by Silverstring Media (2015)
Making our morning cup of coffee is, for many of us, ritualistic; it's a pattern we often choose not to end, whether because we are unwilling or unable to. Morning Rituals explores what might...

Narthex, by Silverstring MediaAn expedition into the Horncrag Mountains. A strange structure built into the rock. Esoteric images carved into the stone. Not enough context to tell what they mean. How will you interpret them?...

Tectr, by Silverstring Media (2016)
Tectr -- The Dating App for Real Estates! **18+** Tectr is a game about thirsty architecture, buildings that want you inside them. Find your matches, see if you're compatible, and hook up with some...

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