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Wonderland, by David Bishop, Bob Coles, Paul Findley, Ken Gordon, Richard Huddy, Steve Lacey, Doug Rabson, Anita Sinclair, Hugh Steers and Mark Taylor   November 17, 2019
"The origin of my interest in IF (back then called "text adventures") arises in the year 1990, when my dad brought home a pirated copy of..." - See the full review

Void: Corporation, by Jonathan Lim   November 14, 2019
"I can't believe this thing is still here... Yes, I am the author of this game. I never wrote another one. As some people have divined,..." - See the full review

Photopia, by Adam Cadre   November 14, 2019
"Over the next couple of days I intend to write on IFDB reviews of some IF games I have fond memories of. I am hopeful that recentness of..." - See the full review