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Iím Kristan X Ė writer, sex nerd and (somewhat twisted) mind behind the professionally-filthy sex blog Lascivity. Iím based in Edinburgh, but travel extensively. I read a lot. Iím obsessed with psychology, sociology, games of all kind, true crime and tech.

I am also indescribably perverted.

I make a series of adult text-based adventure games which revolve around the sex lives of various mythical creatures. This is pretty typical for my bibliography, which is a messy, strange, wonderful portfolio of filth.

If you enjoy playing the things I make, get in touch. I always love to hear from people.

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Interactive Fiction by Lascivity

Monster Fucker One: Vampire, by Kristan X (2018)
(1 rating)
"It's your first time, but you don't feel nervous. Not yet..." You're a human, but you don't want to be. You want to be a vampire. Mooch through the darker corners of a vampire nightclub in this...

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