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i wrote the icarly rpg and some other games too. sometimes i write under my real name. (she/her)

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Interactive Fiction by StamblerRambler

The iCarly RPG, by StamblerRambler (2021)
(4 ratings)
The iCarly RPG is an interactive fiction game based on the Nickelodeon show iCarly! Kind of. Help Carly Shay survive the ups and downs of high school, from math tests to encounters with ancient...

The Marsupial of Mathis Street, by StamblerRambler (2021)
(2 ratings)
A new f(r)iend from the land Down Under… A kangaroo is a terrible pet! At least, that’s what 13-year-old Lené believed until meeting a kangaroo at her local playground. Sure, their teeth might be...

I, Robot 2, by StamblerRambler (2022)
(2 ratings)
The Robot War rages on, and so does the war in Del Spooner’s heart. Join Del on a journey of maturation and self-discovery, with some gay robots along the way.

One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World), by Paige Morgan (2022)
(10 ratings)
"this is for you, a playlist for our adventures"...

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