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Started interactive fiction gaming on a TRS-80 Model 1 with the words, "I am in a flat in London." which led me to purchase, with my own allowance money, a bargain bin clearance ziploc'd copy of some barbarian with a sword standing over a troll. From then, I was a complete Infocom fanatic.

My only contribution to the IF scene, until recently, was a set of desktop icons for macOS X called "The Definitive Infocom Icon Set." I simply didn't have a head for programming at the time.

Flash forward to today and my first IF is now public as part of the first PunyInform game jam. Guess I needed that strict deadline to put enough of a fire under my tush to get me moving.

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Interactive Fiction by ChristopherDrum

Pub Hubbub, by Christopher Drum (2021)
(3 ratings)

Literally the first game I've ever written. Also the first time I've ever used Inform for anything more than a tutorial. Also the first game jam I've ever participated in. Definitely learned a lot,...

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