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Hi, I am Christian Simmers an Indie Game Programmer and Artist. Currently I am working on indie text adventure games. My visual art specialties include Hexels, Vectors, Pixels, and Voxels. I program in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Python, C++, Java, Jovo, and Visual Basic. I utilize Twine, Ink and Choicescript to make my games.

My work has been exhibited at festivals, including the Indie Grits Game Festival, Indie Bits, in 2019. I have given lectures and presentations on Interactive Fiction to my local game developer meetup in New Orleans, Louisiana.

You can find most of my work on my itch page here: https://xuelder.itch.io/

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Interactive Fiction by Xuelder

You're In Deep, by Xuelder (2022)
(4 ratings)
Reminisce on the end of your world as the flood waters rise while you are trapped in your attic. Contains coarse language.. Made for Ectocomp 2022 at the last minute.

Final Battle, by Christian Simmers (2019)
(2 ratings)
Final Battle is an Interactive Fiction Game made in Inky for Ink Jam 2019. You and your party have faced many of foes, trained endlessly, and faced adversity. However, what happens when you...

The Planet Is Exploding!, by Christian Simmers (2019)
The planetary colony you grew up on is about to explode, the evacuation order has been given, and you can only take three of your worldly possessions. However, you only have two minutes, and you...

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