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bridger, trans, ADHD, intersectional feminist, 3, socialist, Sufi, multipod, goofy, pan, creepy lemon [her/she]

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Interactive Fiction by Pace

Limerick Quest, by Pace Smith (2020)
(15 ratings)
"To Russia!" you boldly suggest. "This riddle has got me obsessed. We'll search 'till we're blind, and loot what we find! Let's go on a...

Limerick Heist, by Pace Smith (2019)
(22 ratings)
Rule 1 is that no one gets iced. Rule 2: the loot's evenly sliced. There's only two rules. Now listen up, fools! We're pulling a...

Limerick Night, by Pace Smith (2019)
(5 ratings)
You're cursed! If you don't set it right, your bones turn to dust at first light. That's not too attractive, so let's get proactive! Can you survive... LIMERICK NIGHT???

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Reviews by Pace

Save the Date, by Chris Cornell   November 25, 2019
"I've played hundreds of IF games, but the only one I can honestly say has changed my life is Save the Date. This game has empowered me..." - See the full review