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Recently published author of "How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title"

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Interactive Fiction by Johnnywz00

How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title, by John Ziegler (2023)
(14 ratings)
A Fanciful Tale Both Whimsical and Earnest ...

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The Only Possible Prom Dress, by Jim Aikin   January 27, 2024
"About two years ago, I beta-tested the first half or so of this game. Things got busy, and I only just now got around to playing through..." - See the full review

Illuminismo Iniziato, by Michael J. Coyne   January 27, 2024
"I've never played a game where cheese had such a critical role... my boorish cheese connaissance was certainly expanded in the process...." - See the full review

According to Cain, by Jim Nelson   January 5, 2024
"This is only my second IFDB review, so I'm going to reuse the disclaimer I used in the first one and say that I don't feel especially..." - See the full review

Milliways: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Max Fog   November 23, 2023
"This is my first IFDB review, and I don't consider myself gifted at writing reviews in an insightful way. But, as a new author myself, I..." - See the full review

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Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
Enchanter, by Marc Blank, Dave Lebling
The Lesson of the Tortoise, by G. Kevin Wilson
Fairest, by Amanda Walker
Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short

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