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I just started writing games in 2020, but I've been a GM for tabletop games for much longer. I write games based on the 5e of the most popular roleplaying game in the world. My games are text-based solo RPGs. My first game is "The Saint's Tomb" available at

Interactive Fiction by Sayeth

A Miner Problem, by Seth Jones (2021)
(3 ratings)
You are hired by a mine operator to retrieve the mine's gnomish engineer who has barricaded himself in the mine's lower reaches. But there's more going on than just a crazy gnome and his robots...

The Saint's Tomb, by Seth Jones (2020)
(4 ratings)
The Saint's Tomb is a hybrid of a choose-your-own adventure type computer game and a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. It is compatible with the fifth edition of the most popular tabletop roleplaying...

5e Arena, by Seth Jones (2022)
(3 ratings)
5e Arena is a pit-fighting game based on the rules of the RPG that's synonymous with fantasy adventure. Choose the rank of competition, then battle against three foes back-to-back to win fame,...

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Reviews by Sayeth

Dragon Fate, by Kris Schnee   April 9, 2020
"The writing is excellent in this game. I really enjoyed how the story progresses through choices and puzzles. I got some inspiration for..." - See the full review

Keep of the Mad Wizard, by Felix Pleșoianu   April 8, 2020
"This is an old-school dungeon crawl with little plot. It's great for scratching that dice-rolling combat itch."

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5e Arena, by Seth Jones
Sunless Sea, by Failbetter Games
A Miner Problem, by Seth Jones
Glowgrass, by Nate Cull
Lone Wolf Saga, by GDV, Joe Dever, Gary Chalk, Project Aon

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