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Maybe I'll play a game once in a while. I've not accomplished much, but I feel like I have. I did manage to get some money for a video game I made once.

Interactive Fiction by NegSec

The Tailgator, by NegSec (2023)
(5 ratings)
A little game I made about somewhat tailgating you, and how things can go horribly wrong. I came up with the idea during a driver's ed course. You are a normal person, who is driving and has to...

The Monster, by NegSec (2024)
(3 ratings)

A little vaguely science fiction mystery game about finding and killing a monster terrorizing the residents of a town based on an asteroid. It's very short.

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Provizora Parko, by Dawn Sueoka   April 2, 2024
"It's a bit... surreal for me. I know, calling a surreal game too surreal is a bit unfair, but often I was just plain confused. (That's..." - See the full review

Fix Your Mother's Printer, by Geoffrey Golden   April 2, 2024
"Like title. Very cute. Could be better polished. Some music would be nice. Sometimes I felt like the options forced me to be rude...." - See the full review

in igni, by Lapin Lunaire Games   August 5, 2023
"I barely understood a word of this story!"

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The Tailgator, by NegSec