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Interactive Fiction by Liz England

Her Pound of Flesh, by Liz England (2013)
(13 ratings)
Body horror choose-your-own-adventure game about heartache. About 30 minutes of play time, with multiple endings.

ISIS, by Liz England (2013)
(11 ratings)

You are ISIS, a space station. You have a crew of one. How long can you two keep each other company before someone snaps? This is a short (10 minute) Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game. It is not...

Mainframe, by Liz England, Jurie Horneman (2015)
(7 ratings)

Mainframe is a procedurally generated game about a spaceship. Something has gone wrong and it needs help. This was developed for Procjam 2015. Content Warning: This game is a piece of horror...

itch, by Liz England (2015)
(9 ratings)

scratch scratch scratch

growth, by Liz England (2015)
(5 ratings)

There is a growth on your hand. You don't remember when it started, but it is here now. A Twiny Jam entry. Sequel to itch.

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