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Five Scarabs, by Agnieszka Trzaska   July 7, 2019
"Nice, quick interface! You could really make a full-fledged Scumm-style game this way. A quick point of feedback for improvement - to use..." - See the full review

Light into Darkness, by Christina Nordlander   May 21, 2017
"I was pleasantly surprised at this La Petite Mort entry. It's dark enough to be a great EctoComp entry, but the violence and theme isn't..." - See the full review

Bring Me A Head!, by Chandler Groover   May 2, 2017
"It's really the writing that I appreciated so much, in Chandler's own style of dark humor. This is a piece that would be great to enjoy..." - See the full review

Hana Feels, by Gavin Inglis   February 25, 2017
"I read the rest of the reviews before going into this, but was very pleasantly surprised. The character development had a lot of depth in..." - See the full review