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Interactive Fiction by Cat Manning

Invasion, by Cat Manning (2015)
(24 ratings)
The end of the world, and there's something after you. A short horror Twine about sacrifice, survival, and relative humanity. Le Grand Guignol entry in ECTOCOMP 2015.

Scents & Semiosis, by Sam Kabo Ashwell, Cat Manning, Caleb Wilson, Yoon Ha Lee (2020)
(8 ratings)
A perfumer keeps a private collection of scents, each tied to a memory. Decide what they mean. Scents & Semiosis makes heavy use of procedural generation to create strange perfumes, full lives, and...

Crossroads, by Cat Manning (2015)
(14 ratings)
They say it's death to seek the witch. For you, it's worth the risk. Venture in to the forest in search of relief, but remember that magic is rarely straightforward. A short psychological game...

Honeysuckle, by Cat Manning (2016)
(6 ratings)

A Petite Mort entry for ECTOCOMP 2016.

Synchronicity, by Cat Manning (2016)

From imaginary games jam. Based on the review: The Manhattan Alternative (1996) “Defusing World War III” has been a strong core gaming genre since 1982’s grim time-travel thriller “Skyshine”, but...

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Reviews by Cat Manning

Taghairm, by Chandler Groover   November 18, 2015
"If you followed IF Comp '15 at all, you most likely heard about Taghairm. It inspired visceral disgust, real distress, horror, revulsion,..." - See the full review