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The Fairy Woods, by rosencrantz   June 3, 2018
"This is a well written story that focuses on relationships and internal struggles in a political world. There are 9 endings and a variety..." - See the full review

Lyreless, by Bruno Dias   June 3, 2018
"The amount of interactivity in Mr. Dias' game is limited to that of a book that needs pages turned. There are (near the end of the game)..." - See the full review

The Lurking Horror II: The Lurkening, by Ryan Veeder   June 1, 2018
"You have nine turns to win the game. It amounts to the player using the nine turns to find a spell, restarting and then using that spell..." - See the full review

Age of Fable, by James Hutchings   May 11, 2016
"I am not that impressed with the RPG style text-based games that I've played in the past, but Age of Fable offers something that I feel..." - See the full review