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Hell yea.

Interactive Fiction by piratescarfy

I THINK I'LL STOP OFF ON THE WAY, by piratescarfy (2016)
(4 ratings)
A surreal horror story about an English service station with randomly selected content if certain passages are revisited. Written while on holiday in the Lake District.

Before The Show, by piratescarfy (2015)
(2 ratings)
A personal game about my experiences waiting to go on stage.

The Epic Ass-Kicking Quest For Awesome Glory, by piratescarfy (2015)
(3 ratings)
A game about destroying misogynists, that I created for a friend's birthday.

New Town New Me, by piratescarfy (2016)
(1 rating)
A choose-your-own adventure about leaving behind your past, making a new start and re-inventing yourself. You can complete the game in about a minute, but a thorough playthrough can take around 12...

This Was A Man, by Piratescarfy (2015)
(1 rating)
A blast through Julius Caesar, focusing on the relationship between Cassius and Brutus.

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