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Shakespeare is Broken!, by Ramsey Ess   February 17, 2021
"This is a very entertaining game. Unfortunately, there seems to be a page with no hyperlinks (not even to back out/return to another..." - See the full review

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, by Kenneth Pedersen (as Ilmur Eggert)   October 6, 2020
"A brief bit of historical IF that is in a small minority of parser games, using both the third person and the past tense. I am honestly..." - See the full review

The Turnip, by Joseph Pentangelo   October 5, 2020
"An odd little piece of flash fiction, probably under 2000 words. I doubt many English-language IF players know the name Yuri Mamleev, or..." - See the full review

Stoned Ape Hypothesis, by James Heaton   October 5, 2020
"A very short choice-based game. I don't think there's anything in the way of spoilers to say the player begins as a sorta proto-human,..." - See the full review

Quintessence, by Andrea M. Pawley   October 5, 2020
"As something that defies typical genres, "Quintessence" is a little hard to review. 1) From my play, definitely IF more than a "game." 2)..." - See the full review

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