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I hate playing "guess the verb" games (it feels more like being played).
But I understand the fascination of coding such games.

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Galatea, by Emily Short   March 28, 2008
"I tried to ask about sex then the game ended... because sex is a NG conversation topic it seems. I guess I mistook the piece of art for..." - See the full review

Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin   October 25, 2007
"I didn't like the beginning of Spider&Web(and gave up rapidly), but I can say I liked "Hunter, in Darkness" right from the start... Even..." - See the full review

Moist, by Scarlet Herring   October 23, 2007
"The author said the game was coded in 1 week. With one more week of work it would certainly deserve 5 stars, and may be the best of the..." - See the full review

Photopia, by Adam Cadre   October 19, 2007
"How could a game be exhausting when the puzzles are solvable? I have not finished the game(yet?). I went as far as the school gym... But..." - See the full review

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin   October 18, 2007
"Had no clue from the start, tried to read the beginning of the walkthrough 5 minutes later(the existence of the walkthrough itself shows..." - See the full review

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Galatea, by Emily Short
Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin
Moist, by Scarlet Herring
Aisle, by Sam Barlow
The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott

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