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Around 2000, like so many others I was (inappropriately) introduced to IF by "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" game. Then resorted to a walkthrough, then hated "Bureaucracy", then left IF alone. Then in the dying days of Baf's Guide, I discovered "Photopia", "The Dreamhold" and "Galatea".

I generally prefer parser over choice-based, narrative over puzzle-y, Merciful-Tough over Cruel, map-included/unnecessary over mapping-required. If it's extremely challenging to accomplish easy everyday tasks in an IF work (or if I have to play "guess the verb"), it will piss me off and I'll play something else.

My gamer friends are uninterested in IF; someday I'll figure out ifMUD so I can attend Club Floyd. In all likelihood, I will eventually watch all of the "GET LAMP" extra interview footage.

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Rameses, by Stephen Bond
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Six, by Wade Clarke
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Overboard!, by inkle
Even Some More Tales from Castle Balderstone, by Ryan Veeder

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