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I am a huge fan of IF and Visual Novels.

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Interactive Fiction by Mia

4 Alice : Lorange Journey, by Mia Blais-Côté (2017)
It hurts so much. My body trembles. My head wants to break apart. Still, I am in my blue pajamas, I am in my bed. In my bedroom. In my Zone. I am safe, in my Zone, so why am I in so much pain? […]...

Alan : Rift Breakers, by Mia Blais-Côté (2018)
My name is Alex. I'm 8 years old. I am also a blond kid with green eyes. I live in Xodias City and I go to the school of Xorie. We are in February 2018. Right now, I'm in the yard because it's the...

Les Quatre Alices, by Mia Blais-Côté (2017)
A young girl walks in a dark forest. She meets a mysterious red-haired teenager near a campfire. The teenager tells her a story. A story that is far too weird to be true, and yet... 4 Alice :...

A.L.A.N., by Mia Blais-Côté (2017)
For Alex, the City of Xodias is not an ordinary town. This young boy is a Rift Breaker. He had the huge responsibility to fight the monsters spawned from Rifts, mysterious cracks of light only a...

Entre-Deux, by Mia Blais-Côté (2018)
My name is Elrica Elsa. Five years ago, our world, Medocorilia, has fallen prey to the undead. It's hard for me to survive, especially since I'm pregnant, but now I am in the Community, a village...

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Entre-Deux, by Mia Blais-Côté
Her Pound of Flesh, by Liz England
A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight, by Heather Albano
Psy High, by Rebecca Slitt
The ORPHEUS Ruse, by Paul Gresty

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