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Interactive Fiction by Snoother

Sleep, by Snoother (2014)
(6 ratings)
[This game is a stupid bit if juvenilia -- Snoother]

Daytime Never Had a Chance, by Snoother (2015)
(9 ratings)
When the weather transforms the woods

A Tale of the Cave, by Snoother (2014)
(11 ratings)
No longer are William McGonagall's ruinous effects confined to poetry. A Tale of the Cave is the unlikely marriage between Scotland's notoriously bad poet and the classic cave-crawl genre. Made for...

Beneath the Surface, by Snoother (2014)
(3 ratings)
A text-based second-person anti-commie shooter. [Update: The author would like to renounce this game as a juvenile mixture of stupid politics and general bad taste.]

Fallout: Vault 17, by Snoother (2014)
(6 ratings)
[I regret ever making this piece of juvenilia -- Snoother]

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