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Grew up playing Infocom games and resorting to Invisiclues. Never made a game, but enjoy noodling around with dev tools for games.

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Truth, by Carl Muckenhoupt (as John Earthling)   March 25, 2021
"You go around "finding untruths" while trying to "find the truth". Slightly underimplemented (but bug-free!) and very short, but somehow..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   March 24, 2021
"This is a one-trick game which makes an insightful comment on the conventions which the player uses to interact with the game. The twist..." - See the full review

+=3, by Carl de Marcken and David Baggett   March 24, 2021
"The puzzle is not, in fact, logical. " - See the full review