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Hoi there, dreamers and travelers. I'm AngelicDirt. I like writing. I like games. And I suppose that's why I'm here.

To keep it short, I have begun to condense some of my weirder dreams into IF form. They're probably going to be weird. They're possibly going to be boring. But they will be mine, and I think that's all I want out of this.

I personally prefer IF that resembles old CYOA gamebooks. You know, reading every path, and sticking a billion bookmarks into the book to keep track, and sometimes going 'I dunno, that could have went better/worse and still have been cool'. I can do text parsers, but they're always a hassle to me.

Other than that, meh, I'll click around and see if it's interesting enough.

Good travels~


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Every Path to Purgatory, by AngelicDirt (2022)
You awaken in a place far removed from our world. What you find there is a problem, a solution (perhaps), and maybe a friend or two. -=- ''Every Path to Purgatory'' is (hopefully) the first in a...

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