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Interactive Fiction by DavidG

Uninvited, by Craig Erickson, Jay Zipnick, Billy Wolfe, David Griffith (2012)
(5 ratings)

You crashed into a tree next to a creepy old mansion. Before you know it, your kid brother wandered off, probably into the mansion. Find your brother and call a tow truck or taxi before the evil...

Robot Finds Kitten, by David Griffith, Leonard Richardson (1997)
(15 ratings)

In this game, you are Robot ( # ). Your job is to find Kitten. This task is complicated by the existance of various things which are not Kitten. Robot must touch items to determine if they are...

Shadowgate, by David Feldman, David Marsh, Terry Schulenburg, David Griffith (1987)
(1 rating)

Within the castle Shadowgate lies your quest. The dreaded Warlock Lord will use his black magic to raise the Behemoth from the dark depths. The combination of his evil arts and the great titan's...

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Horror - 2 items   November 3, 2012
I have a thing for horror stories, particularly ones by or inspired by HP Lovecraft.

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