Top 100 Tags

Here are the top 100 tags associated with games in IFDB. Tags that are used more frequently are shown in larger type, and newer tags are in darker colors. Click on a tag to list games associated with the tag.

adaptation ADRIFT game Adventure adventuron amnesia Apple II BASIC bookmarks built-in hints C64 castle character graphics child protagonist choice of games ChoiceScript ChooseYourStory ClubFloyd transcript collaboration Colossal cash prize combat comedy commercial conversation cover art CYOA death desktop dragon Eamon escape Fallen London content fantasy female protagonist first person foreign language French gender choice gender-neutral protagonist german graphics historical horror humor hypertext I6 source available I7 source available IFComp 2017 IFComp 2019 IFComp 2020 IFComp Game incomplete Inform 7 Italian landscape mode linear magic male protagonist maze Mini-comp multiple endings multiple protagonists music Mystery nonhuman protagonist parser past tense PC Eamon Museum present tense primitive parser profanity puzzleless romance rpg sci-fi science fiction second person sexual content short single room slice of life sound space speed IF speedif Spring Thing Game strong profanity Surreal TADS tads 2 TADS 3 third person time travel treasure hunt TRS-80 MC-10 twine two-word parser undo violence walkthrough zx spectrum

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