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14 results found

The Black Phoenix, by Roger Pender (1989)
(2 ratings)

FutureQuest II, by Roger Pender (1985)
(2 ratings)

Fire Island, by Greg Gioia (1985)
(3 ratings)

Rhadshur Warrior, by Roger Pender (1987)
(1 rating)

Apocalypse 2021, by Hoyle Purvis (1991)
(1 rating)

Assault on the Clonemaster, by Donald Brown (1980)
(2 ratings)

The Death Star, by Donald Brown (1980)
(4 ratings)

The Sands of Mars, by Ted Swartz (1988)
(2 ratings)

Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid), by David Crawford (1988)
(1 rating)

Star Wars-Tempest One, by Sean Averill (1990)
(2 ratings)

The Ruins of Belfast, by David Sparks (1990)
(1 rating)

The Lost World, by Sam (1985)
(2 ratings)

FutureQuest, by Roger Pender (1984)

Psionics, by Adam Stanchos (1993)