Search Tips

By default, IFDB searches each club's title, description, and keywords for the words you enter, and show clubs that match at least one of your search terms. You can customize the search with the special modifiers below. Note that modifiers with ":" parameters have to go last, after regular search words.

+word makes word mandatory - only items that contain this word will be listed.

-word makes word prohibited - only items that don't contain this word will be listed.

"phrase" searches for the exact phrase within the quotes: all of the words have to be matched in the exact order given.

#members:low-high shows clubs with IFDB member enrollment in the given range. You can make the range open-ended by leaving out one or the other endpoint; for example, #members:100- searches for clubs with at least 100 members. Note that this only works for clubs with public membership lists and clubs you belong to; otherwise the number of members will be counted as zero.

contact:name searches for clubs with name in the contact list

You can negate any of the special modifiers by putting a hyphen '-' in front of the modifier name (e.g., -author:bob). This excludes items that match the modifier's criteria.