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by Natrium729
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I'm looking for good "open world" IFs, that is, IFs where the player can just wander and explore the world without necessarily following the main plot (think Elder Scrolls). They could take place on a planet, in a city, or even just in a building, as long as you can discover interesting things to do while exploring.

It would be better if the world evolves even if the player just sits and waits (day/night cycle, NPCs performing actions, changing weather…)

I know it is difficult to make such IFs, so any suggestions that do not follow the above criteria fully but have some sense of "openness" are welcome.

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necromancer, October 5, 2016 - Reply
See also adventure tag.
jakomo, October 5, 2016 - Reply
See also this forum thread: Open World Interactive Fiction?
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