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by dacharya64
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I'm looking for games that aren't exactly what they seem. Perhaps they come across as simple or romantic or anything really, the point is that things take a turn for the worse (or perhaps the better) and everything begins to change. Either that or a game that has a much larger meaning behind its words. Like The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode if the full program was ever brought into effect.

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Molly, January 14, 2012 - Reply
I'm a little concerned about spoilers for this poll. Sometimes even knowing there's a twist involved can spoil a game. How strict would you like us to be with spoilers?
dacharya64, January 22, 2012 - Reply
I'm sort of accepting that the games have a twist -- or some element like that. I'd say just try to give away as little information besides the name of the game as possible if you want to try and void spoilers altogether.
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