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by baf
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Recently, a representative of Ubisoft attracted some attention by saying, about an upcoming game with a grandmother as a protagonist, "Nobody has dared to do anything with a granny before, I think." Obviously he was only really speaking of the AAA space, but the first counterexample that came to mind for me was a text adventure from 1985, and that got me wondering what other IF about grandmothers there is.

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Karlok, April 13, 2022 - Reply
The protagonist in Armed & Delirious (1997), a comic point-and-click adventure game, is a very spunky Granny.
mjhayes, August 6, 2019 - Reply
The game Mutant Mudds features a granny, who starts off as an NPC, and later is unlocked as a playable character. Obviously the UbiSoft rep hadn't done his homework.
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