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by juliaofbath
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I'm interested in determining whether or not a clear canon has emerged within the world of IF/hypertext. Of course, there is a clear critical opinion regarding which works belong to this tentative canon, but I'm interested in what readers and fans of the genre feel. I mean 'canon' in the traditional literary sense. For the sake of clarity I will define it here less as a coherent, codified list of works and more as a loose assemblage held in the minds (and in this case lists) of readers, reviewers, and critics.

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CleverFool, June 8, 2020 - Reply
If you're looking for really famous old works, (and here I shall take the liberty of assuming that you are, as that's what a 'literary canon' seems to be defined as according to high school English teachers) I suppose that 'The Gostak' probably fits within your search.
MathBrush, July 27, 2017 - Reply
Are you looking for canon games in all of IF (including parser) or just hypertext?
juliaofbath, July 27, 2017 - Reply
I'm definitely interested in parser games as well, as long as they are canonical in a literary sense.
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