Verb That Noun titles - an IFDB Poll

by David Welbourn
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This is a very silly poll that collects games with "Verb That Noun" style titles into one list. It amused me.

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Andrew Schultz, February 22, 2023 - Reply
Hope this isn't a spoiler, but rather verification we probably have everything. seems to indicate there's nothing else, at least before 2021. I did a search for " that " and found what was suggested below, so hooray for the community's sleuthing skills!

If you really wanted to be rigorous, you could look for the regex ^'[^ ]+ +[tT]hat +[^ ]+'$
David Welbourn, February 20, 2023 - Reply
I'd add "Lighan ses Lion" to this list as well, but it's not in IFDB for some reason. See its homepage.
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