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by Rovarsson
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When browsing for good recent games, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of Twine and Choice games. Add to that a great number of games with five stars and only one rating, many of which are also, yes, Twine and Choice games, it gets difficult to find what I'm looking for. (Seriously people, if you really really really want to rate your own game, at least be realistic).

So, recommendations for good parser games since 2017? (They don't have to have 5 or even 4 stars. Just games that you really enjoyed.)

PS: I know, I know... I will play the great Twine and Choice games. All in good time.)

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jakomo, November 10, 2020 - Reply
Highest-rated parser games since 2017 with at least 10 votes:
Rovarsson, November 10, 2020 - Reply
Thanks, there are certainly some games in that list I didn't know and will try. However, I have noticed that at least some parser games are not tagged "parser" (unless this has been changed), so I thought I'd ask around in a poll.

Thank you.
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