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by Emily Boegheim
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What are some good games for people trying to learn another language? I imagine that short games with relatively simple prose and not too many non-standard commands (if they're parser games) would work best, but feel free to suggest games that don't fit those parameters, if you think they're suitable. Oh, and obviously good games are preferable!

Personally, I'm most interested in German games, but I'd like to hear recommendations for games in any language (including English!). Someone else asked about Spanish games once and got zero suggestions - hopefully we can do a bit better this time?

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Emily Boegheim, November 18, 2013 - Reply
There's also some discussion of suitable German games over at the German IF forum: I've added some of the games mentioned to the poll, but not all of them.
Marius Müller, November 2, 2013 - Reply
You can check out the past winners of our german competitions, Grand Prix here:

(Go the the bottom, click on a year, then "Ergebnisse")

And finally, tooting my own horn, I wrote a small, easy Speed-IF called "Es kam aus den Alpen", which, as a bonus, tells you about famous landmarks in Munich (as they are destroyed by a giant hummingbird):
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