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Rameses, by Stephen Bond
Average member rating: (119 ratings)

Rover's Day Out, by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman
Average member rating: (49 ratings)

Three hundred years ago, the Brazilian Space Agency discovered a rocky exoplanet only 38 light years from Earth. With a surface temperature of 1200 Celsius and nine times Earth gravity, it's hardly the sort...

Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (117 ratings)

The beautiful life is always damned, they say. As for you, you've overexpended yourself: fifteen years of prominence, champagne, carriage rides in the Tuileries, having your name whispered behind...

Shadows of Mordor, by Philip Mitchell, John Haward
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

The second part of Beam Software's adaptation of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The game basically covers the adventures of Frodo and Sam in Tolkien's book The Two Towers. The player can play either as Sam...

So Far, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (69 ratings)

Sitting in a cramped theatre, irritated that your partner apparently hasn't turned up, you are strangely intrigued by a current of air. It will lead you to a place very different from your own familiar...

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (267 ratings)

A vacation in our lovely country! See the ethnic charms of the countryside, the historic grandeur of the capital city. Taste our traditional cuisine; smell the flowers of the Old Tree. And all without...

Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, by Mike Snyder
Average member rating: (45 ratings)

You are the traveling swordsman; the strong and silent stranger; the wandering vanquisher of villainy. Damsels swoon for you. Good men respect and envy you. Scoundrels learn to fear you. Even so, you are but...

The Tarot Reading, by Michael Penman
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

Uncle Zebulon's Will, by Magnus Olsson
Average member rating: (56 ratings)

Your eccentric Uncle Zebulon considered himself a wizard, and was rumoured to be very wealthy. But when he died, he only left you one single object in his will... Winner in the TADS division of the First...

Varicella, by Adam Cadre
Average member rating: (119 ratings)

You are Primo Varicella, Palace Minister at the Palazzo del Piemonte. This title is unlikely to impress anyone. Piedmont is the laughingstock of the Carolingian League, and the Palace Ministry has devolved...

Voices, by Aris Katsaris
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

Waker, by Kevin Jackson-Mead
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

You were never much of a history buff. You've always preferred learning how things work to learning useless facts about the past. But when your friend returned from the capital with tales of the moving...

Wearing the Claw, by Paul O'Brian
Average member rating: (28 ratings)

A traditional fantasy quest in which you and your village have been cursed with a slow transformation into various animals. The only way to stop the curse is to retrieve the Pendant of Elinor from the...

Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
Average member rating: (196 ratings)

Many strange tales have been told of the fabulous treasure, exotic creatures, and diabolical puzzles in the Great Underground Empire. As an aspiring adventurer, you will undoubtedly want to locate these...

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