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TransparentM now available
July 31, 2015
Transparent placed 11th in the 2014 IFComp, and casts the player as a photographer hired to take pictures in an historic residence which is being filmed for a ghost-hunting reality show.

The full game contains about 8 megabytes of sound files.

TransparentM is the game with all audio stripped out, greatly reducing the file size down to to 2.3 meg, which makes the game more feasible to store on a mobile device for play, or if no sound is desired. Works in Frotz on iOS. Unfortunately I was unable to compile down to ZCode, so I left the small number of images in the game.
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Post Comp Release 7.3 available
March 17, 2015
Minor update, fixes some vault door weirdness and other text corrections.
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TRANSPARENT - Post Comp Release Available from IFArchive!
January 3, 2015
The much-improved post IFComp 2014 release of TRANSPARENT is available now from the IFArchive.

Transparent placed 11th in the Comp, and this version includes many fixes and player experience upgrades. Additional content and some new sounds have also been incorporated.
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TRANSPARENT - Post Comp Release Available
December 30, 2014
Transparent placed 11th overall in the 2014 IFComp and was praised for its creepy atmosphere which is heightened in large part by radio drama-like sound effects when played in a multimedia interpreter.

The latest release (version 7) includes many bug fixes and ease-of-play upgrades based on excellent feedback received during the Comp and an extended period of testing after. New content has been incorporated, the existing text has been polished, there are new sound effects, and additional clues to the mystery can be sought out.
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