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2019/10/2: a (technically) good date for an Ailihphilia re-release, but play IFComp games instead!
October 3, 2019
Release 3 of Ailihphilia contains item-based hinting and some minor bug fixes.

You can now HINT for general help, or you can type HINT (item) for more specific help about an item.

You can download both the binary and web-based project from this dropbox link.

Release 4, the final release which will incorporate spare palindromes in my notes and full scripted bug testing, is slated for late February. To be specific, the date 02/22/20, another cheesy palindrome. Because hey, why not?

It should also be on my, but I'm not very good at Yet. So I don't know what I'm doing there.
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Ailihphilia release 2 on a "special" date: 9/10/2019!
September 10, 2019
Ailihphilia release 2 is out!

The walkthrough is fundamentally the same, so if you played it and are looking for new puzzles, sorry.

But it has a new joke co-author, bug fixes for the "EYE" hinting command (thanks to David Welbourn for pointing a big bug out,) and more places to find random text. These include:

--sci pics to read in the Pro Corp.
--machines after you destroy Work Row
--more businesses and books

Also, on reading a suggestion of Victor Gijsbers, I decided what the game needed was random nonsense ranks!

The link to the binary is at I may put it other places like the IFArchive, but it's there now.

There's more for me to do. I want to revamp the hinting, and I have some stray bugs. But I think I've added a lot of bells and whistles, and I hope you enjoy them.
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