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Threediopolis release 4
Posted by Andrew Schultz, August 14, 2016 1:30 PM - Edit
This should be the final release of my IFComp 2013 game. I've plugged a lot of holes with standard and helper verbs and even added a few jokes. But I'm up against the z-machine limit for debug mode, so I can't fit much else in.

The main feature is allowing for the header to track advanced mode puzzles. I got rid of a few of the sketchier locations. The game should be sped up slightly, though you may not notice the difference in Z-Machine. holds the link. has the changes.

Thanks to Zarf for the regression script which helped me pinpoint changes to make and stop worrying if I'd tested this or that verb/feature. -- give it a look if you're an Inform programmer.

Oh, and looking forward to other IFCompers' post-release efforts, big or small.

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