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Leadlight updated to version 1.2 (March 4th, 2011)
Posted by Wade Clarke, March 3, 2011 10:27 AM - Edit
Version 1.2 accommodates more dancing in the dance room and eliminates two bugs. The Leadlight website has also been updated to reflect improvements to the ActiveGS emulator, including a choice of LCD, Cathode Ray and Green monitor displays.

Bugfixes in 1.2:
* Examining eyes now works properly in the chapel
* It is no longer possible to accidentally score a point when attacking Maureen

Content addition in 1.2:
- There is now a sequence of moves in the dance room

ActiveGS has begun to venture onto the iPhone (the "Best of FTA" app is freely available from iTunes) and I expect that this development will pave the way for Leadlight heading to the iPhone, too.

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