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A Checkered Haunting release 2+
December 11, 2021
My 2016 EctoComp Petite Mort game, A Checkered Haunting, recently got a re-release. In it, you spread Evil-B-Gone through five towns, never crossing the same intersection twice. But there's a hitch!

The basic way through is still similar, but you now have

--the ability to run to the edge of town
--two ways through the final town (guess the verb and acquiring several items)
--tracking when you may've worked yourself into an unwinnable situation (though you can restart, of course)
--general textual fixes
--a happier, more appropriate ending
--option for text maps instead of text description

Thanks to Victor Ojuel for helping me with the main bits of release 2 so many years ago and to Wade Clarke for help with the version so quickly after I released it!

There were many neat details to add, and I encourage others to re-release their games and add them here, especially EctoComp games, because sometimes 4 hours of programming isn't enough to put all your ideas in or get all the bugs out.
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