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Scaffold 22 - v.1.0 Released
October 3, 2016
Explore the cyberpunk-inspired space station Scaffold 22 as you take on the role of Vine, a former mercenary turned abomination hunter, on a mission to uncover the truth behind an insidious conspiracy. Hunt down vile abominations, sneak past security teams to hack into corporate systems, or forgo violence in search of diplomatic solutions and potential allies to help you survive a futuristic world rife with corruption, political intrigue, abominable taint, and ideological conflict.

Scaffold 22 is an illustrated, text based roleplaying game available and free to play on any internet-capable device via:
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Scaffold 22 - Beta 0.5
February 26, 2016
Now updated again, Scaffold 22 is a illustrated text-based RPG playable via browser, Scaffold 22 is a scifi / cyberpunk adventure for gamers who enjoy narrative focus and immersive settings. Intended for all devices yet best on mobile or tablet.

Available at:

Major changes in the new release are a focus on character customization and alternate plot progression. We're far from done but slowly nearing our goal of truly bringing the world of Scaffold 22 alive, both as a game and as an immersive experience.
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Scaffold 22 Re-Release
February 1, 2016
After a year of arrested development, Scaffold 22 has been modernized and re-released, currently at Beta 0.4. The text-based Scifi / Cyberpunk RPG is playable (free) on mobile, PC, or any other internet-capable device at

Features a rich and varied illustrated narrative, a turn-based combat system, and extensive backstory. Best experience on a mobile or tablet devices.
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Updated UI & Gameplay
July 28, 2014
After a somewhat bumpy development process, Scaffold 22 has reached Beta 0.2, including a better user-interface, numerous bugfixes, and a architecture intended to allow the story to continue in Part II.

About Scaffold 22
Scaffold 22 is an interactive story set in the distant futute. You take on the role of Vineo "Vine" Acrel, a former mercenary lieutenant turned abomination hunter, in a quest to absolve yourself of past sins and begin a new life.

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