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Release 2 of The Problems Compound is out!
March 31, 2016
It's on GitHub. GitHub was a wonderful help with organization. Even if it was just reporting issues or letting me see code changes to minimize stupid bugs. I recommend it.

Here's a TLDR of what got fixed.
--lots of bug fixes
--jump commands to the Lounge, Pier, Circle and Field (with the Brothers gone)
--a command can jump over/quickly summarize conversations now
--expanded XP/EXPLAIN for the various figures of speech
--jerks puzzle at the end is a lot more flexible and robust
--the Insanity Terminal is meaner, but that gives you more clues.
--there's an optional very-good ending *if* you rescue Idiot Village from the (new) Thoughts Idol
--lots of evil machinery in Freak Control!
--and a few more sensible names for locations. I'm particuarly proud of the Basher Bible to make it clear that it is rotten, no-good advice that only power hungry narcissists would take. I hope.

Oh, and you can swear when the game asks if you want swearing. It was well worth the time taken learning inform 6 (and doing swearing on my end til I got it right) to implement this. A fellow author suggested it, and I'm glad they did.

Also, a public service announcement: don't worry if your post-comp release is big or small. If it fixes a few things you cringed at, it's good. Even if you--well, still need a bit more shows pride to nail stuff down as much as you can. I'm interested in seeing others' progress.
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