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The Sleeping Princess, by Molly Engelberg, Alex Engelberg, and Mark Engelberg

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The first IF game I wanted to complete, August 7, 2016
by Oleg Oleg Aney (Smolensk, Russia)
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It is a very interesting game with unfailing good humour. This is actually the first IF game I wanted to complete. Though puzzles are simple they, in fact, motivate players to play. Your input commands are clear and sensible and without arrogance, and you have a great enthusiasm for everything you do.

Also of note, unlike many other IF games, this one adds to the joy of life and optimism. Some games may indeed be more pleasant to play, just as some seem more exciting and others nastier.

All this game lacks is a romantic description for the last episode. Will you be able to kiss the Sleeping Beauty?

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