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Second Date, by @HarrisonChute

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A good mix of romance and suspense, June 7, 2015
by Brett
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I originally started playing this game in a rather casual manner, but then the story started gripping me tighter..

I got totally engrossed in the story and must say its an really well written piece of fiction. This game really got me thinking into which link i should click next, i was continually matching my thoughts with the actions the game was asking for.

There's a bit of a slang here and there, but then it makes the story all the more real. There was a point where i started feeling like the protagonist in the game and its quite commendable that the author achieved this with twine.

Highly recommended..

Disconnected, by Jesse Shaw

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Awesome game, artwork and story, November 26, 2014

This game is just perfect. Combined with images the paragraphs are not too big to read, yet the story is short but sweet. Multiple endings, all of which have their own purpose..

Surely its one of the best, i wish it were part of a competition, i'd want to win it the first prize.

Viscura - Origins, by Lee Hulme

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Good story and gameplay, November 14, 2014

Just playe viscura - origins. Though i'm not aware of the character in moves or anything i came to understand it well by playing the game.

The initial descriptions guide you well and the only thing that bothered me was that there are no bookmarks, so you have to begin from the start and perform the steps again.

I'd have appreciated if the font-size would have been increased.

But anyway, its good enough and the text is well thought of and it feels real..not game like, you get into the character which is good.

Twine Story, by Mike69420666
Twine Startup Kit - An Inspiring story for twine wannabes and newbies, November 14, 2014

Wow ! what a game.. its not about the technicals of twine, but about what it takes to write an IF...

The big font is an absolute pleaser given that Sugarcane default is a tiny-winy font that i never liked. The options are nicely put and the game is just amazing.. It flows well.

Another thing is that the author does not mess with too much text to read...its not too less either..just enough to get you to the next passage..

Thank you Mike for bringing this to the IF community..

Looking forward to more content from you..

Workday Choices, by PaperBlurt

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Good Gameplay and witty text, November 13, 2014
by Brett
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This is one of the few games that wins my praise just by the text..there may be typography errors but the overall meaning is conveyed well.

The game has several pathways and all of them contain an aspect or two to which working people can relate to at one time or another..

Alone/Awake, by PaperBlurt
An awesome built and good gameplay, November 13, 2014
by Brett
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Another good game by PaperBurt. I've played their workday choices game, but this one is graphical.

Although the game warns you that the graphics are average, I personally found them well to integrate with the ambience of the game... Only misfit was the bearded guy looked more like a ship wrech than an astro guy.. but nevertheless it was fun...

I spent around 15mins but will definately play it again to explore other pathways..

thanks paperblurt for the title.

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