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Choose Your Own Writing Career, by M. C. DeMarco
A mildly amusing peep to a writer's block, November 4, 2017
by A. I. Wulf (India)
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Writer's block is a really complicated topic. Writer's still philosophize about it. While this little piece of IF doesn't give any huge Hegelian insight into writer's block, it can at least make people aware about it. It's a humorous work, rather than some serious mumbo-jumbo . Considering it in that way, it has some merits. But the downside is that it's not that humorous. Especially the vaccumming the cat part. Although a twine game, the descriptions are bland. The outcomes of the seemingly numerous choices are also repetitive and bland. So I recommend this only for a little smile when you have nothing else to do, than read toilet humour.

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