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Byzantine Perspective, by Lea Albaugh

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Byzantine, October 16, 2009
by Portmanteau
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This is a rather short game, but a relatively enjoyable one. It has one larger "worldview" puzzle in which you must work out the fundamental nature of the game, including how to interpret your senses, and one minor puzzle that stems pretty directly from this. It can be solved pretty easily without any assistance from the walkthrough while still being satisfying to complete; a quite positive trait, really. However, the atmosphere of the game is very sparse, the room descriptions are minimal and the world feels quite empty. Objects seem to be only minimally implemented, and one of the puzzles involves being alerted to something you have likely already guessed the existence of. All told, it is a fun diversion and an interesting concept, and, as a one-trick-pony of a game, its brevity does it a favor.

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