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Speed-IF ToasterComp II

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Need! More! Toast!, by Adam Biltcliffe

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Trolling with Toast, February 25, 2020

This is probably one of those games that was more fun to code than it is to play.

You are in a kitchen with three plates; one blue, one white, and one green. Your goal is to transfer 8 slices of toast from the blue plate to the white, moving them one at a time and making sure that a larger slice never rests on top of a smaller one.
Yes, you've guessed it, it's the Tower of Hanoi. An 8-floor, text-parser version of the Tower of Hanoi. And yes, it is just as tedious as it sounds. It doesn't help that the toast slices are identical to one another, so it's almost impossible to play without careful note-taking.
It took me over an hour on my attempt and my only reward was the message: (Spoiler - click to show)"You have toast and also too much patience".

I have to respect the troll job, but if you value your sanity, you really, really shouldn't play this.

The Epitome of Toastlessness, by Jason Love

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Not my favourite game about TOAST, February 25, 2020

This is just a throwaway game made in 2 hours for the 2003 Speed-IF ToasterComp II.
Even so, it's pretty weak. There's only a single room, no NPCs, and just two items you can interact with. It's even worse in context, because it coincidentally takes advantage of the same Douglas Adams joke borrowed by Admiral Jota for A Monkey Stole Your Toast!. Another ToasterComp joke game, but one which struck me as more fully featured.

A few of the verbs have been overwritten to add a little bit more variety. But it's not enough to save this game from being completely disposable.

A Monkey Stole Your Toast!, by Admiral Jota

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A silly joke game..., February 25, 2020

...and that's all it's supposed to be.
There's nothing particularly spectacular about this game. It's just a simple chase through a surreal 5-room house. But it has some fun wordplay here and there. And it's a bit more fully implemented than might be expected for such a throwaway joke. (Spoiler - click to show)Just try taking the toast back into the Zone of No Toast.

Is it worth five minutes of your time? Probably not. But I don't regret playing it.

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