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The Prince's Tavern, by Robert Davis

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An old favorite, March 9, 2018
by kdechant (Portland, Oregon)
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This is a fanciful, creative, and sometimes bizarre adventure. It has long been one of my favorites in the Eamon series. It's not a huge map, but there are lots of things to see and do, including a drinking contest, a never-ending barroom brawl, some interesting magic spells, and a few puzzles that need to be solved.

The original Apple II version used an early Eamon game engine. Usually, this meant that the game was limited to short descriptions of items, and you couldn't interact with many of the things you saw. This adventure defies that limitation. The descriptions are well-done given the 255-character limit. There are lots of things to see and do relative to the size of the map. The puzzles are creative and require a bit of thinking. But it's an Eamon adventure, and you come armed with your favorite magic weapon, so you can solve some of the problems by hack-and-slash if you have to.

If you like silly, whimsical adventures, and don't mind the chance of your character passing out drunk, give this one a try.

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