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Another Color of Hope (Chapter 1), by Kristan J. Wheaton

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A Method to the Madness, February 1, 2017
by Jess Turner
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Being in the same field as the author, I played the game within the context of an educational tool, which is definitely an advantage over someone with fresh eyes. I found myself questioning the use of the tablet as something to rely completely on at first, but after the second decision, I began relying on it almost exclusively. I experienced a sense of complacency after having the tablet work once or twice up to this point, and I would not have consciously sought other information to help make my decision at this point in the game. The only suggestion I have is just to add some visuals (and I know that depends a lot on the capabilities of the program). I highly recommend some sort of background that pertains to the scene you are describing. Overall, I was able to learn something about myself and see that there was, in fact, a method to his madness. I encourage anyone who is in a critical thinking and decision-making profession to choose this adventure.

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