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The Mean Story, by Bob Reeves
Misanthrope's Delight, November 29, 2018
by IFthenXYZZY
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Brief game. Extremely dark humor.

In the most optimistic terms, it is slapstick comedy, each escalation more outrageous than the next, till one finds oneself face-palm-laughing in shear disbelief at the darkness of it all. (if you've ever laughed at dead baby jokes, this game is for you!)

In the most cynical terms it is a Trumpian daydream. Meta-gaming one's altruism leads to enslavement, and one would do well to note political correctness is not in the character's inventory.

All in all the brevity of the game and one-dimensional caricatures that serve as npc's firmly establish a light-hearted, tongue in cheek framework that allows the game to remain amusing

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