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Stone Harbor, by Liza Daly

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I am sensing a review of a game that begins with an "S"..., October 26, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

I really enjoyed this one, a supernatural mystery story that uses the medium to show you the mindset of a psychic. It makes heavy use of the pathetic fallacy, ascribing emotions to objects that are psychically relevant.

This is a GREAT way of suggesting an animate universe without dipping into woo-woo. It also has some great uses of images that cover the screen on desktop, but scale down nicely on mobile.

Stuff and Nonsense, by Felicity Banks

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heavy metal steampunk, October 25, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

Using creative commons for illustrations is always hard, not only do you have to find pictures that happen to fit your story, they have to work with each other as well, and that's all but impossible.

It is set in the same steampunk universe as other Felicity stories and as a steampunk romp, it's highly entertaining. I am especially a fan of the magic-system based around metal which is very in-keeping with the steampunky theme.

The Little Lifeform That Could, by Fade Manley
It's a choice-game of life, October 25, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

This game owes a lot to Spore, but where Spore disappointed me by being shallow versions of a bunch of genres strung together, this is much more cohesive and consequently, I actually prefer it to spore. It has a similar sense of humor, though it is written with a very modern informal tone that might be hit and miss for people. Speaking only for myself, however, it was right up my alley and I very much recommend it.

Tentaculon, by Ned Vole

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Octopus's garden, October 25, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

Tentaculon hasn't really done a good job advertising itself in the comp, but it is worth playing. It has an interesting, if sly tone, though I admit I would've liked playing the entire game as an octopus.

Rite of Passage, by Arno von Borries

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Real-life horror, October 25, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

This is a story of growing up that does not shy away from showing the terrible things kids can do to each other. It contains very frank depictions of bullying, violence and rape that could hit a bit too close to home for some people, but it has a powerful message about the cost of complacency that I think people should experience.

Take Over the World, by Marie L. Vibbert
Urban-chic supervillany , October 25, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

I am a fan of low-level supervillany. There's something inherently amusing to me to see someone with great world-overtaking ambitions having to claw their way up to a position that matches their self-image. I feel like maybe I'm missing something here as I'm not American and not familiar with Cleveland as a city. Possibly it's even more interesting if you know the stereotype it riffs on.

It is nicely illustrated with funny images that hints at the possible outcomes of the game and the atmosphere is generally light-hearted and comedic. It's a game I've recommended to people outside of IF and had them enjoy it a lot!

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